The Punisher

Photo of The Punisher
Photo of The Punisher

A new year a new name for the former "Black Mamba" now he wants to be called: The Punisher. Watch the video as he goes in length explaining the reason behind the change. Dillon is all stud from head to toe and all he has to do is wave that man meat of his in a dude’s face and it’s all over except for the deep throating and butt ramming. Check out the expression on Sir Phillip’s face as he holds onto The punisher huge pack. He’s letting us know that he’s hit the jackpot and we’re invited along for the ride.

Categories: Black Dude Fucks Daddy, Daddy Over 60, Extra Big Dick
Details: Jan 5, 2011 26 min
Photo of Black Mamba
Black Mamba
Photo of Sir Phillip
Sir Phillip

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