Handsome Giles in a Threeway

Photo of Handsome Giles in a Threeway
Photo of Handsome Giles in a Threeway

Watch these two Gents in action, especially Giles who is the most handsome guy on our network. The camera catches 50% of his beauty. He is so handsome that if you are a daddy lover you literally shiver at his presence. Our cameraman was shooting in Las Vegas with Carl and Giles. Don't ask how they found Ethan, a tourist from India. We are told that Ethan recognized these two porn stars and wanted to tag along. Here they are in the hotel room-one with white hair, one middle aged and the young one. Being egged on by the other two, Ethan started stripping. Little by little, these two horny daddies got Ethan to shed more of his clothes.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Fucks Black Dude, Daddy Over 60, Extra Big Dick
Details: Aug 10, 2020 17 min
Photo of Carl
Photo of Ethan
Photo of Giles

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