Measures Of Success

Photo of Measures Of Success
Photo of Measures Of Success

Nothing is sexier than a pair of stripped and stroking daddies. But that’s only part of the fun. Naturally, you wanna determine who has the bigger cock. So, out comes the tape measure! However, daddies Turhan and Constanzo know that's not the best way to measure dick size. That's what boy Giorgio is for. The bottom was invited so that the tops could use him to more accurately gauge—balls deep and in both his holes—the lengths of their cocks. For dudes like Giorgio, this is a chance to offer their greedy asses and hungry mouths for a truly great cause. Judging by the ass-splitting, jawbreaking action, the daddies both have so much cock that it’s almost beyond measure. Almost!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Fucks Black Dude, Daddy Over 60, Extra Big Dick, Three-Way
Details: Apr 12, 2021 33 min
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron
Photo of Giorgio Angelo
Giorgio Angelo
Photo of Turhan

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