Therapy Session Gone Wild

Photo of Therapy Session Gone Wild
Photo of Therapy Session Gone Wild

A therapist's job is to do what's best for his clients and behave according to certain rules. But what happens when those things conflict? If you are great at your job you combine them. Which therapist Sean determines is how to deal with his latest client couple. One of the young men, John, just can't get enough sex. With his hung partner, Giorgio, it shouldn't be a problem. But for some men one cock is never enough, and daddy understands this. So, what's a real pro gonna do about it? Fuck the rules, fuck the bottom boy—and then have them both spit-roast you! Now that's how a daddy solves a hard problem!

Categories: Bareback, Black Dude Fucks Daddy, Daddy Over 60, Three-Way
Details: Jun 12, 2021 27 min
Photo of Giorgio Angelo
Giorgio Angelo
Photo of John Blaker
John Blaker
Photo of Sean Stone
Sean Stone

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