Silverfox Urges

Photo of Silverfox Urges
Photo of Silverfox Urges

Daddies are aggressive, beefier tops, and boys are submissive, leaner bottoms. That's how it often goes in sex. But not when you're silverfox Dionisio and wirey Giorgio. You see, Daddy Dion is your atypical employer, who hires out-of-the-ordinary boy Gio basically to suck the younger man's cock and work that big black bone balls deep in his white-as-snow butt. What young worker wouldn't want the job of jabbing their boss bareback all day in bed?!

Categories: Bareback, Black Dude Fucks Daddy, Daddy Over 60, Uncut
Details: Nov 12, 2021 26 min
Photo of Dionisio
Photo of Giorgio Angelo
Giorgio Angelo

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