Hard Working Boss

Photo of Hard Working Boss
Photo of Hard Working Boss

Marvin has put in some long hours and is ready to relieve his stress the good old-fashioned man way: by jerking out a load while watching men fucking in porn! But it turns out the hunk is not the last guy in the office. Romeo is still around and happens upon his buff boss working his big boner. This immediately turns into: what's better than jerking off to men fucking in porn? Yes, you got it! It's the muscle top quickly barefucking the ripped bottom boy. Also, here is another example of the efficient use of resources available at work—after hours!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Fucks Black Dude, Daddy Over 60, Uncut
Details: Jan 12, 2024 24 min
Photo of Marvin
Photo of Romeo Jones
Romeo Jones

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